Halloween 30th Birthday Party

  Green and black Halloween tiered cake  .   30th Birthday Party. October birthday. Halloween flower arrangement. Green cake, DIY cake topper, red roses, burgundy dahlias, spider web cake. By Gold Leaf Floral // @goldleaffloral

One of my favorite things about my relationship with my husband is that we almost share a birthday. We were born exactly 1 day apart. (I'm older. And wiser. Not really. Just older.) We discovered this fun-fact the day we met-- it excited me then, and it still excites me today! As an added bonus, our birthdays are also the week of Halloween, one of our favorite holidays! Since we were turning the big 3-0 we knew we wanted to blow it out. 

I had so much fun designing our party invitations. They came from Tiny Prints, a vendor that never disappoints. I used the option of uploading my own design and just having them print them for me. They use really nice paper stock and I love their colored envelopes and envelope liners.  They turned out great! I probably had a little too much fun addressing and decorating the invitations. I don't pretend to be a calligrapher/hand letterer. Heck, I don't even have great handwriting. But when I really focus and take my time, I can produce something that isn't terrible. I read a quote somewhere that said "A party begins when you guest receives their invitation." I totally agree with this, so I wanted our guests to get excited when they opened their mailboxes. 

 Halloween party invitation. 30th Birthday Party. October birthday invitation. Bad guy ball, gold and black, wax seal, bats, harry potter stamps. By Gold Leaf Floral // @goldleaffloral

Flowers, flowers, flowers! Allan was totally cool with me putting some money into the party flowers and let me tell you... I was like a kid in a candy shop! If it was dark red, burgundy, or nearly black, I bought it! I made several little arrangements and had them sprinkled about. But I had two main arrangements that I was really excited to work on. The first was tall, gothic, and packed a lot of punch. The second was a cascade of flowers surrounding a golden skull, sitting on a cake pedestal.  I was absolutely giddy with how they turned out. 

  Halloween floral   centerpiece on black and white stripes.   30th Birthday Party. October birthday. Halloween flower arrangement. Black calla lilies, red roses, red spray roses, burgundy dahlia, green poms, queen annes lace. By Gold Leaf Floral // @goldleaffloral
 Halloween floral centerpiece. 30th Birthday Party. Halloween flower arrangement. Gold skull, succulents, black calla lilies, red roses, red spray roses, burgundy dahlia, green poms. By Gold Leaf Floral // @goldleaffloral

We had lots of other fun elements at the party, including a giant photo backdrop made of several layers of draping fabric and chains. We set up a soft box in front of it so people could take good quality photos of their costumes. (My friends are serious about their costumes!) Although I must admit, firing up a soft box in the middle of a creepily-lit halloween party does kind of kill the effect of the party. Oh well, it was worth it. See all the fun photos at #awoodallbirthday.